Methods to be Considered for Uninstalling Better Discord


What exactly uninstall better discord means?

Better discord is basically the Mod version of discord as GB WhatsApp is a high-security version of Whatsapp. Discord is very much fun and interesting because it is having so many good and unique features that you will enjoy using. But recently due to some issues, it has been found that Better Discord has been shut. But there is no need to worry at all because the company is already out with a newer version of discord that is Bandaged Better Discord. This is a newly developed software having unique and advanced features that everyone should try on.

Furthermore, from the research, it has been found that bandaged better discord is great but still people are having an interest in uninstalling better discord. Do you want the same? If yes, then you should definitely refer to this article out because we are going to provide you information regarding the uninstall better discord. Have a look down below to have lots and lots of information in detail.

What are the reasons for better discord uninstall?

There are so many reasons why people are having an interest in uninstall betterdiscord. Some of the severe problems are like app crashing and many more. What do you thinking about browsing the better discord is safe or not? Using out Bandaged Discord is very much safe as it is having so many unique features that people will love to use. The application is made by professionals and after only it is put for use by them. But still, if you are thinking to uninstall better discord out then move ahead. This is because the steps are mention ahead only, give a look.

How to uninstall better discord?

There are two basic methods that will help you out in uninstalling better discord. But it very much recommended to you that you should go with the one suiting most to you. Have a look to know steps in both of them.

PROCEDURE 1: First of all, you will need to install down the official application of bandage better discord, so that it clears down the better discord uninstall life. Here you are completely over and you have easily deleted the better discord application. Later on, if you want to uninstall the official discord application then click on it and directly uninstall.

PROCEDURE 2: Check the steps mentioned down to uninstall betterdiscord.

STEP 1: First of all, open %appdata%\discord\0.0.300\modules\discord_desktop_core.

STEP 2: Now delete the app folder and index.js. Rename it now.

STEP 3: Restart discord now. Hence, you will find that  

Therefore, these are the two different types of procedures that can be use by the people to know how to uninstall better discord. If you are having an interest in learning more about discord problems or something other related then let us know through the comments area. Till the time get connect to have more exciting articles like this.


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