Artificial Intelligent Software May Improve Information Technology


.If you are interested in the future of science, technology and business, then you should read through to the end. entitled “Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Science, Technology and Business” which discusses artificial intelligence in general and its applications to a variety of fields. Dr. Bachman is a leading researcher on the subject and was one of the creators of the human brain project.

Artificial intelligence is intelligence shown by computers, unlike human intelligence and those of animals. It is not intelligence that comes from experience or education. But rather a technology that can be programmed to do the task at hand. According to human specifications. Although some people call it AI. The name artificial intelligent is often used for artificially intelligent software.

As noted in, the field of Artificial Intelligent Software is very vast but very interesting because there are many competing theories. Some people believe that artificial intelligence is a new scientific method and that all knowledge must be considered human knowledge. Others argue that such artificial intelligence is already a reality, with humans merely being able to make use of that knowledge to improve their lives. Others say that such a system would be very beneficial in society.

Two Main Areas of AI

Dr. Bachman states, “There are two main areas in which artificial intelligent software will be used in the future: in medicine for medical purposes and in manufacturing for industrial purposes. However the field of information technology also contains many areas where artificially intelligent software development may be used for example the Internet.

In this case it is not so much a matter of whether or not information technology can be improved by artificial intelligent systems. But rather whether or not such systems can be programmed to accomplish certain tasks. It seems that they could though not necessarily do everything that a human could. What I think they can do is give humans the ability to look beyond human knowledge and use it to produce better products and services.

Role of AI in Medicine

According to Dr. Bachman we will soon see the first applications of artificial intelligent software in the field of medicine. As more advances are made on computer generated images of tumors. A surgeon could program the computer to produce an image of a tumor, such as an ovarian cyst. And then allow the patient to choose between various different options. The computer could then be programmed to create a virtual image of the surgeon performing the surgery.

Once the patient has made that decision. The surgeon would be able to show the patient another picture of that tumor in a new light. This would allow the patient to see that the tumor could be removed in different ways, and the surgeon would be able to explain all of that. to the patient through the visual interface of hearing aids. That way the surgeon would not only save the life of the patient but help him. Make an informed decision that he could live with.

AI may create picture database

“In the manufacturing world, artificial intelligent software may be able to create a database of pictures of parts. Which would allow for better assembly and design of products. If a part of the product does not function properly. It may be able to alert the user that something is wrong, without the need for a full recall of the product. So instead of having to go back and ask someone for a new part. The product could just be updated automatically. Allowing for better quality.

In a broader sense, we can also use artificial intelligent software to improve the medical field, as well. We all know how important it is for doctors to have access to the right information, especially when doing procedures. However having the right information at the right time may be impossible for a doctor to actually get.

There may be certain instances where the medical team is unable to communicate with each other effectively. In those cases, having an office automation systems that can read through all the medical records and take in all the data at the same time, in real time, can help the team members communicate with one another, allowing them to discuss any specific concerns that they may have without having to worry about leaving their desk and going back to the doctor.

In the future, we may even see artificially intelligent software that can predict the results of certain clinical trials, so that medical professionals can avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary treatments. All of this would not only help save a doctor time but also provide him with a better sense of control. Which would help with his or her own productivity.


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