6 Must-Have HR Management Software Features


Every business requires an efficient HR management software that can help reduce the unnecessary burden on their human resource department. For most return on your investment, it’s crucial to find a modern tool that offers robust features and will help streamline most HR processes.

Although there are so many HR software available in the market, you have to evaluate each one of them based on the requirements and needs of your organisation. Always discuss and understand the requirements with your team before investing. But for Businesses that never dealt with modern HR management software, we have outlined six must-have features that you should invest in.

Contrary to popular belief, modern HR software isn’t as complicated or expensive as they are presumed to be, especially when compared to the traditional HR management methods. Here are the six must-have HR management software features:

  • Employee Self Service 
  • Applicant Tracking System 
  • Onboarding 
  • Performance Management 
  • Time and Attendance Management 
  • HR Analytics 

Employee Self-Service

One of the significant benefits of having HR management software is the ability to handle personal information on your own. Self-service portals are a must-have as they help reduce unnecessary burden on the HR department.

This is especially the case with most small-sized organisations, where the HR is overloaded with repetitive tasks. When your HR manager is busy with such tasks and small requests from employees, they won’t have enough time to build meaningful strategies to move the business towards its goals.

Further, managing business processes using traditional methods is a waste of HR manager’s talent. And it can easily lead to getting burnt out in the office. Hence, invest in an HR software that offers employee self-service features.

Applicant Tracking System

Having the right candidate for a position is crucial for the success of an organisation. But most businesses struggle with finding the right candidate since the top candidates are gone as soon as they appear in the talent pool.

An applicant tracking system can help streamline the recruitment process of a company. It can automate the process of finding the right platform, post job requirements, filter candidate applications, and organise interviews with the business. Applicant tracking systems can also provide a significant boost to the productivity of the HR department.


Even if you find the right candidate for your organisation, retaining the employee from the moment they join the company is crucial. Most employees or new hires, make up their mind about staying or leaving, within the first few days of joining the office.

The different types of Employee productivity software items are regularly alluded to as “spyware” and in light of current circumstances. All things considered, what this sort of hardware permits you to do is, basically, spy on your employees. Regardless of whether you don’t tell the specialists that you’re utilizing spyware to follow their Internet use.

This makes it crucial for businesses to offer a better onboarding process of new hires. Therefore, an HR software with an onboarding module is a must-have, as it can help improve the onboarding experience of new employees.

Performance Management

Since the success of your business relies upon the performance of each employee working in the company, it is crucial to have a tool that can help manage employee performance. Having a performance management software will help managers identify skill gaps and build strategies that can improve performance.

High performing individuals will lead to higher productivity, which is necessary to keep your business ahead of the competition. Performance management software can also help organizations invest in right training programs. Which are required to keep up with constantly changing market trends.

Time and Attendance Management

Issues such as absenteeism, are common in most organisations. Accurately tracking attendance of each employee is crucial for a business. This is where a time and attendance management tool come in handy. As they are built with precision to record accurate employee time.  Such tools can also help eliminate typical time and attendance issues such as buddy punching, time theft, payroll mistakes, and so on.


There is no point in having the tools mentioned above if you cannot benefit from the data they collect. This is why every business needs an HR analytics tool. Analytics allows the HR department to make better decisions based on the data accumulated from other processes. Usually, the provider of this kind of software is a PEO company.

It can help reduce issues such as talent scarcity, skill gaps, attrition, low productivity and so on. HR software with Analytics also enables HR to improve the business processes and overall employee experience in the workplace.


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