Succession planning and their role in high potential identification


An organization calls for a combined effort of multiple stakeholders to achieve the objectives. The people who are part of leadership or critical roles have a variety of tasks to accomplish. This, in fact, is important for an organization to move in the right direction. Even if one employee quits in a senior position it might lead to a stumbling block for an organization. So, for this reason, risk mitigation is important for business continuity. A viable succession plan could go a long way in reducing the risk and ensure the date to date operations of a business are undertaken in a seamless manner. High potential identification is necessary in order to take the business to the next level.

Succession planning is a vital cog in the wheel for doing business considering how your future appears. When things are going in the right direction it is easy to ignore planning. This is a wrong notion and now is the time to start off with succession planning. There is an ample number of reasons why you should not wait for succession planning to occur.

No point to wait for a disaster to emerge

You might be really good and your staff would be adept at revenue projections a saying is you cannot plan for a disaster. It could be a natural disaster, or when the CEO of a company plans to retire all of a sudden there is a definite need for a succession plan to remain in focus. Yes, you cannot plan for a disaster but you can have a series of contingency measures in place so your company staff can remain afloat even if a mishap takes place.

Succession planning is going to benefit the business in various ways

Just in the same manner as a business practice has evolved over the years, evolution has had a transformation, in the last few years. It is not something that you are going to use if leadership is going to change but showcases the real intent. A sense of true leadership can be built, enabling a business to survive the daily changes emerging at the leadership. Even it forces the executives to examine and review the policies of the company.

Succession planning provides everyone with a voice

Suppose if you are running a business by the concept of succession planning all the family members have an opportunity to raise their voice. Once you give them the voice it enables a sense of responsibility towards the organization that is vital for succession planning. You have to resist the entire temptation in order to carry the weight and then go on to sustain a plan.

Enables you to support and sustain business

Discussing money is a major priority. An individual does not want to work for free and things are not going to pay for themselves. A succession plan can provide vital insights into the future. Ideally, you can have an idea about the future income, along with the kind of expenses you might incur once you are in a leadership role. Just ask yourself questions about the annual income and the various benefits of not only yourself but your family members. This might mean the insurance expenses along with another sort of expenses that are born at the end of a company.

A better picture is provided

Some companies end up with the mistake of replacing high-level executives. But with a good succession plan, it can go a step ahead of where the examination of people spread across all levels is considered. The people who are part of the daily day to day activities keep a business running. If you neglect them as part of your succession planning this can lead to fatal consequences. Once you are developing a plan incorporating all the layers of management combined with direct reports.

Leads to the betterment of business relationships

The moment regular communication occurs between various departments there is a feeling of synergy that provides cultural strength. Make it a point that you link your succession planning with human resources. The reason being HR is all about people. Once they are part of the process you can include an employee valuation process. This might help you decide on whether to fill a particular vacancy with an internal candidate.

Peps up the mood levels

Change that works out to be a vital component of succession planning ceases to be exciting and provides a company with numerous rewards. You ought to take into consideration that change could be a cumbersome procedure especially when the lives of people happen to be at stake. The moment you put a succession plan does consider the impact on the future. Once you plan for the future it is exciting and the high potential identification is important.

Once you hire talent from outside the company it might turn out to be a shot in the dark. The probability of success and failure stands at the same level.


With an eye on the long-term prospects of your business, high potential identification might turn out to be a steppingstone for your succession planning module. A combination of both of them might help you prepare for a sudden void of leadership with a ready pool of talent.


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