Proctoring services that help in selecting the right candidate for the right job position


Several selection modules are available to choose a viable candidate for a preferred job position. One such option is the selection of candidates based on an online examination. But we cannot assure that all the candidates are following genuine measures to clear the examination. This is where the proctoring servicescome to help. Proctored exams are times exams that make use of software to monitor the system when a person is taking up the examination.

Tools that are used for proctoring services:

The APIs rendered by the Online examination conducting platforms can get integrated with any web-based examination solution in no time. These tools come pre-integrated with other learning management solutions. These solutions help in simulating a classroom examination hall and conducts exams with absolute date security. With these tools, it is possible to access all the data about the students anytime through a personal dashboard. The results and the benchmark are all stored in a well encrypted and trusted cloud services. The following are the steps in using the tool.

Benefits of using the proctoring services for examinations:

The tool can be conveniently used in the creation of entrance examinations, for creating surveys and quizzes to test the potentials and competencies of students, for conducting a midterm examination and also as an effective tool to screen students before pre-placement preparations. Most of all, the tool can be used for administering an examination to students who are enrolled in both campus learning and distance learning. The ways through which these software applications based on artificial intelligence makes conducting examinations a seamless experience are,

  1. Advantages for the management that is offering the exam: The tool helps save time for the faculty with paper evaluation. The tool apart from implementing examination and evaluates the answer sheets of the students accurately. The teachers gain instant feedback from the test reports. These instant results help them with their curriculum planning and in managing question banks. It also helps them in conducting all future tests and examinations effectively.
  2. Benefits for the participating institutions: The remote proctoringsoftware application platform enhances the reach of the organization with the help of digital registrations. The entire process of conducting examinations is simplified with the help of its integrated payment solutions. The tool screen student information, registers them for the examination, collect the examination fee,and also implements the examination, and delivers the results. The entire workload of the institution in conduction examinations is thus reduced considerably. Also, it avoids the need to manage large centres and the hassles associated with it.
  3. Benefits for the students: These automated testing tools, not only help the faculty members and the institution but also the students at large. It saves the students of their time traveling to the test centre. The students can gain the best feedback from relevant benchmarks after the completion of the tests. The students gain access to the best industry-relevant questions that are validated and are extremely reliable. These questions also help them to prepare for their future examinations.

Eminent proctoring services in detail:

  1. Configuration of the proctoring services:

There are three modes of proctoring available, namely

  1. Auto proctoring- This is an AI algorithm that is trained on diverse cheating scenarios
  2. Live Proctoring- The exam is proctored by in-house experts who are assisted by the AI algorithm.
  3. Record and review proctoring – trained proctors review the exam session that has been recorded to validate the report from auto proctoring.

Different modes of proctoring:

The AI-based proctoring technology generates different flags during the exam session to catch suspicious behavior by the candidate. The choice of flags available is Absence of candidate, Presence of additional candidates, Suspicious activities of candidates, and use of the Mobile phone.

Based on these flags, the AI algorithm generates a credibility index during the exam session. The

credibility index is the single score that predicts the integrity of the candidate taking the test. The algorithm can switch on the screen recording of the candidate and also customizes as per the requirement of the examination conducting authority. This flexibility of these AI-based platforms helps in the ethical online examination processand in hosting even open book exams with extreme confidence.

  1. Authenticating the exam candidate:

It is possible to switch on the candidate authentication process while configuring the exam proctoring services. As soon as the candidates click on the test links, they are asked to enter their registration details and click the picture of themselves and the ID proof. The proctors verify the photo ID against the registration details and certify the candidate to be legitimate.

  1. Proctoring services when the exam is going on

Auto proctoring during the exam session monitors the live webcam feed of the student. It authenticates the candidate by facial recognition, face and device detection, and also body detection. Based on these flags, the algorithm calculates the credibility index and the cheating probability.In an instance of live proctoring, a human proctor monitors the live webcam feeds and the screen recording. The human monitor’s multiple candidates depending on the configuration of the proctor student ratio. If cheating scenarios are suspected, they can pause the test, chat with the candidate, or even end the test. All proctor activity is recorded for reviewing and recording later.

  1. Eminent reporting:

A proctoring report is generated for all the online tests, irrespective of the mode of proctoring selected. The reports are available in both the .pdf format and the .html format. The report has five main sections,

  • Credibility index: This is a single score that predicts the integrity of the test
  • Authentication of the candidate: The report offers details of impersonation.
  • Webcam feed of the candidate: This helps in conducting audit sessions for suspicious activity of the candidate.
  • Records the screen of the candidate: This checks for suspicious screen activity.


These online proctoring services are from credible companies like Mettl, which create credible examination tools to reach students located even in remote areas and help exam conducting bodies as well.


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