Online proctoring and its various solutions provided by dedicated companies


Online examinations have become very common in the 21st century. Almost every type of educational institution aims at establishing its online education and learning system for imparting education to students online. This helps students as they can obtain the necessary knowledge from anywhere using any device. They can learn at their own pace. These learning management systems or platforms even allow educational institutes to conduct examinations online. Almost every type of educational institute whether school, college, and even business institutions, have started to adopt online examination systems. Keeping a close look at every student taking a particular examination online required the need for online proctoring systems.

A proctored exam is an examination that involves the establishment of necessary security protocols to help invigilators keep a close look at every student who is taking a particular examination. Online proctoring solutions enable dedicated teachers and invigilators to reduce the chances of cheating on online exams. The solution involves the establishment of necessary components like hardware and software systems which can help invigilators to keep away students from cheating on exams and nabbing those who do so. Various solutions are included within online proctoring:

  • Availability artificial intelligence software capabilities:

Modern-day online proctoring solutions involve artificial intelligence solutions that are integrated within the online learning management platform. Online proctoring through artificial intelligence solutions help invigilators to keep a close look at every student. Artificial intelligence software can automatically detect students who try to cheat on online exams. The software has necessary capabilities that can evaluate students’ behavior through Eye-hand coordination etc and therefore deliver a red flag relating to cheating on the online exam. This helps in reducing the chances of cheating on online exams. Moreover, the level of burden of invigilators of keeping a close look at every student writing a particular exam is reduced

  • Online proctoring video-based solutions:

Online proctoring even includes the use of video-based solutions through which invigilators can identify any student who tries to cheat on online exams. Students taking a particular examination are required to install a web camera that can help invigilators to keep a close look at them through the videos available through the web camera. Keeping a close look at every student through live videos as well as recorded videos can help invigilators in identifying students who try to cheat on such online exams. Moreover, such recorded videos act as an efficient medium for future reference.

  • Online authentication:

Students taking examinations online are also required to go through online authentication through various means. Biometric scans, online authentication through presenting identity cards and ID proofs and facial recognition systems help invigilators to identify students for reducing the cases of cheating. Online authentication serves as the best medium for restricting students to swap themselves with other individuals. Only authorized individuals with valid ID proof and authentication are required to take a particular exam which in turn reduces the cases of cheating through the proctored exam. Authentication through email verification and a one-time password can also help education institutes in verifying the identity of students. Provision of an OTP received on the personal mobile number of a candidate helps to identify the individual who is supposed to give a particular online exam which in turn maintains for the reliability of the online examination system.

  • Availability of online learning management system and dedicated browsers:

Dedicated companies providing online proctoring solutions for reducing the cases of cheating on online exams help deliver necessary learning management solutions as well as browsers for restricting students to cheat on online exams. Necessary security protocols are established within browsers which restrict students from opening alternative or secondary browsers for searching for solutions to problems. If a student tries to open a secondary browser or even minimizes the main browsing window, then he or she is barred from further taking the exam online. Dedicated learning management systems are also provided where students have to log in with provided information for taking online exams.

Dedicated online proctoring solutions are provided which can help invigilators from identifying the students who try to cheat on online exams. Online proctoring benefits teachers as well as education institutes as they can keep a close look at every student from a remote location which in turn reduces their cost and effort of conducting a physical examination. The use of dedicated software and artificial intelligence solutions even reduces the burden of invigilators.

Students can take online exams with complete efficiency and reliability. The need for traveling miles and even flying around countries for taking a particular exam is reduced to a great extent. Online proctored exams even benefit those individuals and students who are willing to take examinations online without indulging in any form of cheating or false identification. It helps in levelling the playground providing an equal opportunity for every student to score high grades on online exams.

There are dedicated companies who even providing such online proctoring solutions to educational institutes and colleges. A learning management system, necessary proctoring solutions, and various online tools are provided which can be integrated with the already established examination system. This helps institutes in conducting their examinations with complete efficiency and reliability. Solutions like safe browsers, screen sharing services, restricting the ability of cut, copy and paste, etc are made available by such companies. Invigilators can obtain live feed from the computer on which students are giving their online exam. This in turn maintains the sanctity of an online exam.

Companies providing such solutions aim at maintaining the reliability of the online proctoring examination system. Necessary services and solutions are provided which can benefit invigilators and students. Information which students provide for personal identification and authentication is protected from unauthorized access. Moreover, the online exam paper or question bank provided by a particular education institute is also protected from access by the students before conducting the official exam. Exam results are also delivered through a dedicated online learning management system that such companies provide.

In conclusion, the proctored exam serves as the best medium for reducing the chances of online cheating. Companies providing dedicated solutions can help institutes in establishing necessary protocols for conducting online exams.


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