New emerging job opportunities in India


India’s business is expanding to a large extent and this expansion is done through digitalization. Many companies whether small or big are turning their system purely digitalized as it opens up to new opportunities. The growth of India can be estimated from the fact that the railway system of India is also getting digitalized day by day. The new initiative that vigorously growing is  food delivery in train. In this, the person who is traveling can order his favorite food from the restaurant and the food will be delivered to the respected seat. This way, it has opened many job opportunities to the people who will deliver the food to the passengers on the train.

This business of food delivery is being expanded to every station of India and this is a very good job opportunity for the job seekers. Many of the E-catering companies require a large man force to cope up with the needs of their clients that are the train passengers. So these have to recruit people to a large extent. They prefer mostly young people for this job. This way the youth of the country can also contribute to the growth of the economy.

In any of the startup, the manpower plays an important role. There is a requirement of all kinds of workers whether they are skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled. All workers are required to play one or the other role in making the startup successful. In this way, a person not only opens work opportunities for himself but also for the rest of the people who all will indulge in the business. Online food delivery is a giant sector now which will be one of the best opportunities for the person to work in, as its scope is increasing day by day.

This delivery food is also promoting women empowerment in the country. It is always considered that women are good cooks but they are not only limited to the kitchen but they are also going for the delivery of the food. In this way, they can also create their own identity as women from poor class cannot handle official stuff but they can go for food delivery. This way they can also support their family and contribute some in the growth of the economy.

So this online food delivery business sector has grown up in a short span. Behind the success of this startup, there are efforts of a lot of people that are making it possible to deliver with the passengers with favorite food at their seats. Just in a few clicks on your smartphone, the food is made available. This changing technology is changing the ways of doing business. This leads to the emergence of new opportunities for people who require a job. Gone are the days when the passengers have to carry the foodstuff along with them while traveling on the trains. Let’s give a huge clap to the new technology and new opportunities. So, next time you travel, avail this facility.


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