Interesting Facts about Indian Railways You Must Not Miss


There are many amazing things about Indian Railways that you might already know. But do you ever pay attention to the routes, tracks and scenes that the trains pas by? There are so many bridges that the trains run in India.

Amidst so many bridges, there are some that have caught the limelight in no time.  You know in their effort to link Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the nation through rail network, the Indian Railways has been constructing the world’s highest railway-arch bridge over the River named Chenab and it is probably to be complete by 2021. This exclusive bridge across the river Chenab is getting built at a height of three hundred fifty nine metres, from the bed level. The rail line is predictable to be thirty five metres taller than that of the Eiffel Tower. So, if you were thinking that trains are getting you Train food Service, proper ticket booking platforms and ease but not thrill; then you must not miss out on these bridges.

A Huge Mark in the History of Indian Railways

“It is the most stimulating task in the 150-year-long history of the railways. The tallest railway bridge in the world, linking Kashmir with rest of country through rail line is going  to be a hassled task.  This is an iconic bridge that is soaring 359 metres above the bed of the River named Chenab will be 35 metres higher than that of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is a complicated bridge and everyone agrees on this.

Other Bridges

There are many other bridges too in India that you should know about. A few of these popular ones are like:

Vembanad Bridge, Kerala

Vembanad Rail Bridge is a rail linking Edappally and Vallarpadam in Kochi, Kerala. Having a total length of 4,620 metres, it is the lengthiest railway bridge in India. The railway line bridge is devoted for only goods trains and traffic is somewhat 15 trains per day. Vembanad bridge is constructed over the backwaters of Vembanad lake and passes via the three small islands. Vembanad lake is the longest lake in India and the hugest lake of Kerala.

Nehru Setu Rail Bridge, Bihar

The Nehru Setu rail bridge even known as Upper Son bridge is the second lengthiest railway bridge in India having total length of 3,059 metres. Nehru Setu links up Dehri-on-Son and Son Nagar open on 27 February 1900. You know there is even a river road bridge Jawahar Setu on National Highway 2 NH-2 that is running parallel to the lengthiest Nehru Setu rail bridge.

Havelock Bridge, Andhra Pradesh

The Havelock bridge or even known as old Godavari bridge is 2.7 km long decommissioned bridge over the Godavari river in the region of Andhra Pradesh. Godavari arch bridge was construct as a replacement for Havelock bridge and presently the bridge gets used to host civic water supply pipelines. There is even another bridge in Holy Godavari river called Kovvur-Rajahmundry bridge.


So, the point is you can find out these bridges absolutely exciting as they sound once you travel by train on them. You should definitely give it a try.


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