Easy ways to book tickets and food for trains


When it comes to trains, the services provided by Indian Railways have become really prompt. This is the third largest rail networks around the world and this huge network is maintained by the rail government in an efficient way.

In a country like India where the population is huge and most belongs to middle class, train journeys are their lifelines because they are very much affordable. Not only that, there are plenty of trains that run on a daily basis connecting cities and towns of different states together. Hence it is easy to reach any destination by train when it comes to India.

At present it has become even easier to make a train journey because booking train tickets are no more a hassle these days. One does not need to go to a railway booking counter and stand at an endless queue to book tickets these days. They can easily do it online. There is an online website by Indian Railways called IRCTC and one can easily log in there to get all the necessary and detailed information about trains and book their tickets online. If the boarding station and the destination station are entered there, one can also get to see the number of options they have when it comes to traveling by train in a particular destination. Once the options are available one can easily check the numbers of berths that are available and then they can book their seats accordingly. The tickets can be booked from the same site only with the help of payment wallets, credit cards and internet banking.

When one wants to book train tickets online they can see that most tickets are available at least 90 days before the day of journey. Hence when the ticket windows open, it is a great idea to book the tickets immediately because train tickets are always on high demand and the berths are easily filled up the moment the window opens. So, booking them in advance is the best option. If one thinks that it is too early to book them then they must know that these tickets can be cancelled as well when some sort of emergencies arises. One can easily cancel those tickets online and can pay a basic cancellation fee for that. The amount of cancellation is dependent on the gap of the day when the tickets are cancelled and the date of journey. If the gap is more, the charges are lesser.

In case some passengers are physically challenged then it can be easily provisioned for them to get a lower berth. They can be allotted someone else’s seat as well if there are none. Also the person who is accompanying them, gets the adjacent middle berth.

For food delivery in train, one can always order online from the e catering services provided by the Indian Railways. There are several delicious food options and when one orders their food are delivered right on time at their seats on the date of journey.




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